You have a unique relationship to a location according to your birth moment.

This session will provide you with

a valuable insight into your relationship to space


Discover the areas of the world where your potential manifests for any particular area of your life, so you can choose to travel or relocate to destinations that better support your travel or life goals.


Find out the deeper reasons why you are drawn to specific regions of the world and what is truly intended for you to learn or experience there, so you can increase your awareness and step up into your next level of growth.

Ready to map out your next move?


Whether you are planning to travel to a place for a short period of time, or to relocate there indefinitely, the energy of that place will shift something inside of you that will inspire you, support you or challenge you to grow and transform.

  • Planning to relocate or retire to another city/country?

  • Considering the best destinations for a life-changing travel experience or a transformational retreat?

  • Mapping out your bucket list as a digital nomad?

  • Weighing up your next career move?

  • Travelling to a new location and wondering what will emerge for you there in terms of meaning and experience?
  • Looking for the best possible environment for you to thrive and reach fulfilment?

  • Writing a book or working on a project that requests you to unleash your creativity?

  • Feeling stuck and wondering where to go next in regards your life, relationships, or career?

  • Grieving the lost of a loved one and consciously looking a place for you to heal?

  • Wanting to deepen your spiritual connection and level up your awareness?

Discover the destinations that are more meaningful, powerful and transformative for you

How It Works


Book an appointment and proceed with the checkout. Once I receive the request, I will commence studying your data and preparing your astrocartography reading prior our session.


During our 90min together, we will go through both, your birth chart and astrocartography chart, mapping out your lines across the globe, identifying the energies that accentuate or operate against your strengths and potential while getting your questions answered.


Once the objective of the session is met and you are clear about your next steps, I will send you an email with the video recording of our conversation for your future reference. At this point you are ready to go, your next adventure is awaiting!

You deserve to travel to a place

that supports your life goals

Hi, I am Sonia

"Having experienced my own transformation through travel, now I use travel to help you create a meaningful and exciting future aligned with your life purpose".

SONIA CRUZ ORO | Founder of Travel Awakens