A coaching experience for those who seek travel-inspired change...

that is lasting enough to be considered transformational

12-month 1:1 Coaching

20 one-hour private coaching sessions to be used within 12 months, with lots of love and support between sessions.

6-month 1:1 Coaching

10 one-hour private coaching sessions to be used within 6 months, with lots of love and support between sessions.

Group Coaching

Monthly one-hour group coaching sessions to get your questions answered while learning from the experiences of others.

Feeling the Call to Adventure?

Travel to (re)Connect...

Connect with the self / Personal evolution. Travelling with intention will allow you to increase your self-awareness and help you to know and understand yourself better (emotions and triggers included) while discovering your motivations, intentions and life goals.

Connect with others / Interpersonal evolution. Meaningful relationships fosters growth and thriving. It will help you to understand others, improve your communication skills, and level up human bonds with those around you.

Connect with the world / Collective evolution. Connecting with awe and wonder will deepen your understanding and appreciation for the planet and human well-being.

How can the coaching sessions be used?

Prepare your mindset before departure

To have a new future you have to get beyond your past and let go of certain things you are holding to.

Elevating your level of awareness, skills and responsibilities before you cross the threshold, will help you surrender, open and trust in the unlimited possibilities that the unknown has for you, adopting a new mindset for the epiphany to occur.

  • Setting intentions - Find the real reasons beneath your motivations for travelling

  • Declutter the 'old self' Remove fears, limiting beliefs and old ways of being

  • Open up to change Substitute the old ways for new ways that are more adaptive and aligned to the person you want to be.

Design your experience from the inside out

Design the perfect itinerary for you, which has the conditions for the break-through and transformation to occur, and see how to successfully overcome any challenge along the journey, so you can learn and grow from them while embodying the characteristics of the person you want to become.

  • Design a meaningful itinerary aligned with your desired outcomes - where, what, how, how much, how long, etc.

  • Align your behaviour - be conscious of how connected you are with yourself, how you connect with others and with the world.

  • Overcome tests and challenges from the Universe - increase your resilience by applying self-awareness, self-love, courage, gratitude and forgiveness

Incorporate the learnings to your everyday life after the trip

Long-lasting transformation occurs when you honour your insights and integrate them into your everyday life. If you want to create long-lasting results for yourself - those that will positively impact everyone around you - you must take purposeful action and ensure you don't go back to old ways of being upon return.

Identify the feelings and benefits from your travels and finding effective ways to bring them into your new reality moving forward.

  • Highlights and self-reflection - because the journey doesn't finish because the trip is over.

  • Design your plan of action - incorporate new healthy habits to your routine.

  • Keep yourself accountable - ensure you don't slip back to 'status quo'

Success Stories

Meet Kristen- a 39-year old teacher from Minneapolis who wanted to take a break from her career -and other responsibilities- to focus on herself.

She always wanted to live abroad, but she was facing different challenges to making it happen. In this video Kristen explains how "Journeys of Self-discovery" gave her the confidence she needed, along with other positive life changes.

Meet Silvia- a professional pilot who is used to travelling and moving easily between countries, but this time she was choosing to live somewhere so she could call that place 'home'.

Alongside this change, Silvia was going through another big transition in her life; from busy professional to full-time mum.

Watch this video to see how "Journeys of Self-discovery" enabled Silvia to embrace the potential of these emotional and physical transitions.

Would you be happy in 12 months if you were in the exact place you are now?

If the answer is no, let's talk