This journal will take you through the main 7 steps you need to implement to create a transformational trip.

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Meet the author

My name is Sonia Cruz Oró and TRAVEL is my passion.

However, it was only in my late 30's when I really made the decision to follow my dreams... and looking backward I can just say: "What a ride this journey has been!" And actually, it continues to be, because we are all a work in progress, aren't we?

My background is IT, I've been working in the corporate world for nearly 20 years -mostly in a managerial position. But much more than computers my real vocation has always been people. This is why -despite my full-time job- I managed to get my Psychology degree and my Master’s in Leadership & Management in my spare time.

And when somebody asked me how could I find the time, the discipline, the will power... Well, it's the same reason why I traveled to eleven countries in one year: because I love what I do!

As a travel coach, I feel fortunate to say that my job is the perfect combination of my two passions in life: Travel and Coaching. And from a personal perspective, it was amazing for me to discover how these two areas are so connected.

Travel has been a powerful catalyst for my personal growth and for becoming the woman I am today. And what I've realised during my own experiences and challenges is that what worked for me can actually work for so many others!

So, why not use this knowledge to help other people to enjoy the great impact travel can bring to their lives when it's done with meaning and purpose?

Because in the end, this is not about ourselves, it's about all the people we can serve in our journey.