Journeys of Self-discovery

When you enrol to this programme - in any of its formats - you will follow a proven process that combines the best of travel planning and life-coaching.  This will provide all you need to create a meaningful trip that will strengthen your self-awareness and self-confidence.

Your coaching programme will start before your departure in order to allow you to fully prepare for and benefit from your transformational experience. 

Additionally, you will also be supported while in destination, as well as upon return, so we'll ensure to keep you keep yourself accountable through the journey to strengthen the awareness and implementation of your new found learnings. 


If you are ready to take a weekend away from your daily routine and give yourself the space and time to achieve clarity on what path to take next, this 3-session coaching programme is the one for you.

This plan includes:

  • One-on-one consultations from Certified Travel Coach
  • Work sheets/ activities
  • Hands-on implementation


If you are thinking about taking a 3/4-week trip or maybe moving to another country, this 3-month coaching programme is the one you are looking for

This plan includes:

  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Monthly Implementation sessions
  • Life-time access
  • Work sheets/activities


If you have ambitious travel goals, if you want to take a longer trip or a year off to explore the world, then this 6-month coaching programme is the perfect fit for you.

This plan includes:

  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Monthly Implementation sessions
  • Life-time access
  • Work sheets/activities

My 3-step method:

The proven Journeys of Self-discovery 3-step method comprises:

Step # 1

Mapping out your itinerary

Together, we will create a detailed path to a life-changing trip that meets all your needs, make sure you don't pack the 'old baggage' and that you embrace a positive mindset that empowers you.

Step # 2

Make the most of your trip

Together, we'll go through all that you need to know to overcome any challenge that might get in your way.  You will be provided with tools, techniques and best practices that will create the space for the breakthroughs you are seeking and help you enjoy your trip to its fullest.

Step # 3

Integrate the benefits

You didn't take this trip to just go back to status quo upon return. In this programme we'll also work on how to recognise the triggers that pull you back to older modalities or ways of thinking, and maintain clarity on the insights that will help you to move to your next level of growth after your travel adventure.

How will this programme help you?


  • Going through the check points - be calm and steady you are checking all the important boxes
  • Designing an itinerary that you feel confident about- sometimes it's hard to make decisions and searching online can be overwhelming
  • Imbuing this trip with more ritual/deeper meaning - in-view your trip as your 'rite of passage'
  • Help with the financial planning
  • Travelling in the post-Covid world - know what to expect and how to be prepared


  • You might feel ready for this trip, and then in other ways you get nervous about doing this
  • Boost your confidence - challenge yourself and be amazed at what you are able to do
  • See yourself as a person who is making things happen and lives a life in his/her own terms
  • See more long-term vision for your life - clearly envision what do you want to do after this trip.
  • Stop doubting yourself, so you'll have more energy to create your dream life

Are you ready to embark on your Journey of Self-discovery? Let's make it happen!


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