Travel Club

This membership saves you the hassle of researching among the infinite possibilities that Internet offers you, because allows you to choose from a menu of carefully selected "ready to book" itineraries with a click.

Since travel companies offer discounted rates to groups, you will also have access to hotels and experiences worldwide at the best prices in the market guaranteed.

A travel community is not the same of 'group travel'. Being a member means having an international family of like-minded people who are just as excited to be there and meet other people like you.

In a similar way that gym clubs work, setting aside money every month not only shows the commitment you have with yourself, it's also the best way to keep you accountable on your travel goals.

I am ready to make travel part of my lifestyle!

This is for you if:

  • You want to make travel part of your lifestyle, having always your next trip booked to look forward to, without 'breaking the bank'.

  • You have neither time or energy to proper plan your trips, to find the best quality and comfort options cost wise, or even to find the right travel companions.

  • You want to travel with the peace of mind that you'll always feel safe and meet extraordinary people in your destinations.

It's time for you to stop procrastinating, enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams and achieve the happiness and personal satisfaction you deserve by joining a Travel Club!

People like you

"Four years ago, I was hardly traveling but dreaming of many beautiful places around the world. Now I am ticking them all off! Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt... And one of the biggest blessings was to meet the love of my life on my trip to Berlin (Germany). Since then, we have already been in 20 holidays together! "

- Noemie Nsanga (France)