Transformational Travel Coaching

- Travel from the Inside Out -

Travel is a great catalyst for transformation. But it's only a vehicle.

The destinations we choose, the activities we engage with, the people we meet along the way... all play an important role in the equation.

But if we want the change and growth to be lasting enough to be considered transformational, it can never come from travel alone.

Transformation can only happen from within. Which means that, as a traveller, you are the one in charge of your own transformation. Your level of awareness, the challenges you take, the choices and decisions you make, the characteristics you embody as a person...

Moreover, it's also important to reflect on the experiences that you had during your travels once you return home after your trips. Implementing the new learnings will bring you the positive changes you were seeking in your life, in your career or in your relationships.

Travel can inspire change, it has the potentiality to really transform you. But you must take personal responsibility for transforming yourself. Traveling with intention will lead you to a great awakening. Le'ts get you ready!

Travel Coaching

When I tell people that I am a Travel Coach, most think on a Travel Agent. It is understandable; after all travel coaching is a relative new concept. However, these are two very different careers within the travel industry. Learn more.

Travel as a Rite of Passage

Change is central to the human experience. Its patterns and rhythms follow ancient archetypal processes that can be observed in nature and the human community. Indigenous traditions have a rich repertoire of knowledge about these archetypal processes. Rites of passage is one of them Learn more

Benefits from working together


Helps you to clearly identify and interpret who/ where you are, and who/where you want to be. S/he will help you to use your travel experiences to arrive there.


Provides you with tools and resources that challenge you to think out of the box and to find a way to overcome your blocks and fears.


Explores your unique perceptions, feelings, beliefs, and other areas of learning and development to create a personalised step-by-step journey of transformation.


Boosts your confidence in the ability to take action and to make the decisions which are necessary for you to achieve your desired result.


Establish ways to keep you on track before, during and after your travel journey.


Enables a process of discussion and contemplation upon return, so you can integrate the learnings from your travels into your life and ensure lasting changes.

A Travel Coach is NOT:


Telling you what to do or where you should go would be disempowering . As a coach, a key part of my role is to help you find the answers that are already within you.


As a travel coach, I don't make any travel related bookings. I can help you with your skills and, if specifically requested, I can research accommodations, activities or flights for you. However, you will always be the one making the final booking.

Transformation Through Travel

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How do you know if Travel Coaching is what you need?

  • Are you successful in your career, but feel like you’re not where you want to be
  • Do you hear a little voice saying there is something you are missing, but don’t have the clarity around what it is?
  • Do you feel like you know the answers are within you, but there’s just too much noise and you can’t seem to access your own thoughts?
  • Do you feel the need to have work-life harmony?
  • Do you want change and to step out of your daily routine?
  • Are you approaching a life or career transition in your life?
  • Are you lost and don't know where to go next?
  • Are you searching for pesonal growth?
  • Do you want to discover and be the best version of yourself?
  • Are you yearning to experience freedom?
  • Do you want to meet knew people and have a renewed perspective of the world?
  • Do you want to travel more?
  • Do you believe in the power of travel to have a huge impact on your growth?

Can you relate to any one of statements above? If you do, then I'd love to help you start with your transformative journey.


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