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You are successful but you are not where you want to be (either personally or professionally). You hear a little voice saying there is something you are missing but you don't have the clarity around what it is. You know all the answers are within you, but there is too much noise, you can't access to them. 

It's time for you to step away from your daily life, learn how to use travel as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and create meaningful (and lasting) changes in your life, so you can finally drop all resistance and allow the inner change to occur. 

I want to embark on my life-changing trip


You are in an ideal moment of your life to travel and check off your bucket list, but you work too many hours. You have neither time or energy to proper plan your trips, to find the best quality and comfort options cost wise, or even the right travel companions. You'd love to always have your next trip booked to look forward to, with the peace of mind that you'll always feel safe and meet extraordinary people in your destinations.

It's time for you to stop procrastinating and to find the healthy balance between your professional and personal life, so you can enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams, and achieve the happiness and personal satisfaction you deserve.

My services are most effective for those who:  

  • Want to travel more, but life always gets in the way 
  • Are looking for answers or a breakthrough
  • Want to use the power of travel to create personal growth and make a positive impact to the world.  



My name is Sonia Cruz Oró and TRAVEL is my passion.

However, it was only in my late 30's when I really made the decision to follow my dreams... and looking backward I can just say: "What a ride this journey has been!" And actually, it continues to be, because we are all a work in progress, aren't we?

My background is IT, I've been working in the corporate world for nearly 20 years -mostly in a managerial position. But much more than computers my real vocation has always been people. This is why -despite my full-time job- I managed to get my Psychology degree and my Master’s in Leadership & Management in my spare time.

And when somebody asked me how could I find the time, the discipline, the will power... Well, it's the same reason why I traveled to eleven countries in one year: because I love what I do!

As a travel coach, I feel fortunate to say that my job is the perfect combination of my two passions in life: Travel and Coaching. And from a personal perspective, it was amazing for me to discover how these two areas are so connected.

Travel has been a powerful catalyst for my personal growth and for becoming the woman I am today. And what I've realised during my own experiences and challenges is that what worked for me can actually work for so many others!

So, why not use this knowledge to help other people to enjoy the great impact travel can bring to their lives when it's done with meaning and purpose?

Because in the end, this is not about ourselves, it's about all the people we can serve in our journey.

I'd be excited to start Travel Coaching with you!


When I say to people, I am a Travel Coach, most think on a Travel Agent. It is understandable, travel coaching is a relative new concept. However, these are two very different careers within the travel industry.

On one hand, you hire a travel agent when you want to delegate all the research/booking for your vacations. You decide on when and where you want to go, and then you rely on the agent expertise to provide you the best option available to them.

On the other hand, you hire a travel coach when you want to learn how to use the power of travel for your benefit, for the rest of your life. You are looking for guidance on HOW you can create the best trip for you according to your personality type, your values, your needs and wants. A travel coach can also help with the research, but most importantly they will work closely with you to identify the insights, resources and tools that will allow you to travel with intention from now on, so you can achieve the goals, experiences and transformation you are looking for.

Travel is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, grow, learn and connect, leading you toward profound experiences and lasting insights. Travel coaching empowers you to take control over your travel goals and to have the experiences you need in order to have the transformation you want.

Ultimately, you decide how deep you want to explore.

Travel coaching DO's

  • Self-awareness. Helps you to clearly identify and interpret who/where you are, who/where do you want to be. And how to use your travel experiences to arrive there.
  • Resourcefulness. Provides you with tools and resources that challenge you to think out of the box and to find a way to overcome your blocks and fears.
  • Plan of action. Explores your unique perceptions, feelings, beliefs, and other areas of learning and development to create a personalised step-by-step journey of transformation.
  • Empowerment. Boosts your confidence in the ability to take action and to make the decision are necessary for you to achieve your desired result.
  • Accountability. Establish ways to keep you on track before, during and after your travel journey.
  • Transformation. Enables a process of discussion and contemplation upon return, so you can integrate the learnings from your travels into your life and ensure lasting changes.

Travel coaching DONT's

  • Consultant. Telling you what to do or where you should go would be disempowering . As a coach, a key part of my role is to help you find the answers that are already within you.
  • Travel Agent. As a travel coach, I don't make any travel related bookings. I can help you with your skills and, if specifically requested, I can research accommodations, activities or flights for you. However, you will always be the one making the final booking.



Travel experiences are life-changing when done with intention and purpose.

There is far more to personalising a trip than choosing your favourite hotel or restaurant - anyone can book an airline ticket to a destination with a beach.

However, when you get to know your goals, dreams, problems, struggles, ideas, interests, needs and wants... travel can be transformational.

Through bespoke travel coaching, I'll help you to tailor a trip that addresses these very personal aspects of your life, sculpting a travel experience that aims to improve your wellbeing, mindset, personal life, work-life, and helps you to cope with certain challenges and fears.

And the personalisation of your travel experience won't just cover you before and during the trip, we'll also work on how you can implement the transformation to your daily life upon return.



Do you want to make travel a part of your lifestyle? Then you should consider joining a Travel Club.

Setting aside money every month to be used on your future travel, not only shows the commitment you have with yourself, it's also the best way to keep you accountable on your goal.

As a member, you'll have numerous opportunities to interact and connect with like-minded people from all around the world who are just as excited to be there and meet other travellers like you.

Moreover, this membership saves you the hassle of researching among the infinite possibilities that Internet offers you, because allows you to choose from a menu of carefully selected "ready to book" itineraries with a click.

And, since travel companies offer discounted rates to groups, you will also have access to hotels and experiences worldwide at better prices.


Let's chat and see if I can help



"I've achieved more life goals in these last 18 months since working with Sonia, than I have at any other time in my life. I've been traveling regularly and in that time I've done three trips that I would previously have considered the trip of a life-time. I never thought I could afford anything like that. And yet I did them one after the other, each one more amazing.  But the trips were just the beginning. I became a different person, more calm, more conscious of my strengths and weaknesses, and I gained tools to help me face the different challenges that life brings."

Helder V. (Portugal)

"I totally upgraded the quality of my travel. In 3 years and a half, I have traveled 68 times! But the best thing for me is all the lovely people I met here including my love. Now we travel the world together."

Aisling B. (Ireland)

 "It used to be I couldn't meet people, I didn't know how to initiate conversations. Now I travel and meeting people easily everywhere I go!

Benedict C. (Hungary)

 "I was hardly traveling but dreaming of many beautiful places around the world. Now I am ticking them all off! Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt... And one of the biggest blessings was to meet the love of my life on my trip to Berlin (Germany). Since then, we have already been in 20 holidays together! "

Noémie N. (France)

 "I used to be a closed-minded person, I thought everything turned around me, the kind of personality that people usually avoid. Last year I was able to take my son to Disneyland (an experience neither of us will ever forget). On my travels I connected with people from all over the world, and my communication skills improved tremendously. I learned to talk to other people and understand them better. Now I know how to negotiate better deals at my job and be a better father to my son "     

 Aleksandar S. (Serbia)

"I am very happy to have found a way to travel the world! Before I had to choose, among my 20 days off a year, where to go (depending on my budget and the time I had). Now, I am able to take twice as many trips per year on the same travel budget, while making friends all over the world.."

Sofia El-Hatri (UK)

"I used to dream about travelling and being able to experience in person what I knew only by books. Imagining myself helping people, being an inspiration, making a difference while becoming my best version. Now I make it happen."

Thays Querencia (Spain)

"I travelled to places I've never imagined before. I take the same number of trips per year, but it's the quality that has really improved. Staying at the finest hotels and resorts have made it feel more of a true vacation. Have met friends from all over the world at each trip and the best thing is that I stay in contact with those friends still."

Bryan Castillo (USA)

"I always thought travel was expensive, until I realized that we really can afford to travel 5 stars, have great experiences, and great work-life balance. Now our trips are like honeymoons -only that we take several per year. The number of trips multiplied from 1-2 a year to 6-8 a year. We always have a great time. And they are stress-free holidays, knowing that we have the best value for money"

Claudia Irimescu (Romania)



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