Official Bio

Sonia Cruz Oro is a psychologist and certified coach, creator of Journeys of Self-discovery programme, which helps people to get the clarity and confidence to create a life that's more aligned and authentic.

What makes Sonia's service different from other Transformational Coaches is that she combines her coaching with Transformational Travel and because of this, clients get the results they seek faster, while seeing the world

Having experienced her own transformation through travel, Sonia uses that experience to help people connect with their inner wisdom in order to create a meaningful and exciting future aligned with their life purpose. 

On top of her first degree in organisational psychology, a master’s degree in leadership and management, and certification as a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner, Sonia also brings to her practise 20 years’ experience coaching people internationally from her former role as a manager in the corporate world.

Sonia is the author of How to Create the Life You Desire. Her expertise has been featured on podcasts like “The Travel Coach Network”, “Soul of Travel” and "One Life", as well as magazines like CNN Travel, Medium, Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

Sonia is originally from Spain but currently lives in Ireland with her husband.

Hi, I am Sonia

Professional biographies are necessary, but they only show one part of our story: our successes and achievements.

However, without the emotions and struggles that brought us where we are today, our story is incomplete.

I felt called to share with you 'my real bio'. I want you to know that you are not alone, we are all in the same journey on our own path.

After all, this is not about ourselves, it's about all the people we can help along the way.

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