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"It’s a very practical, Very condense guide with all the ingredients you need to achieve the life you desire. It is very easy to read, you will read it very quickly, because it is easy to understand and goes to the point. It’s the book you want to have with you at all times, in your handbag, your night desk, your office, to re-read and re-visit over and over again, as the path of self growth has to be reminded day in and day it, and as I said in the begging is the must have guide, easy, practical and to the point. Enjoy it!!!!"

- Amazon K.

What's inside?

How to Create the Life you Desire - Overcoming the Barriers that Keep you From your Dreams is a guide written specifically for high achievers who are accustomed to reaching their goals. And yet, they feel there is something missing -something for which they have a burning desire. 

This book will take you through the 7 chapters which contains the core insights that you need to understand and implement to change what´s holding you back and achieve ANYTHING that you desire in your life.

The great news is that all the information has been already summarised for you, so you don´t need to invest lots of time or read hundreds of books to learn the system - you´ll go straight to the point!

This eBook is your roadmap to unlock your potential and implement a system that enables you to create your dream life. This book is written for those who are

  • passionate about getting the most out of life, and
  • willing to invest on themselves to achieve that.

The simple truth is that, in this fast-changing world, if you don´t work on yourself every day, you'll get left behind.

I am here to tell you the life you want is within reach. How to Create the Life you Desire will provide you with the missing piece of the puzzle and create awareness you need to step up to the next level. 

What our readers say?

"A fantastic read. I would read this book over an over again, it offers great insight, food for thought and PMA life coaching. Truly inspiring!"

- Christine Meehan (Ireland)

"It's a great summary, a quick guide for those who really want to take action and have the life of their dreams. Thank you very much! It came at the right moment."

- Juliana Bonacina (Spain)

"Amazing! I really enjoyed the chapter on resistance, this has been the biggest hurdle for me to overcome. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!"

- Bryan Castillo (Dallas, TX)

"I finished your book and I love it! Straight to the point and easy to understand. It was worth so much more than the amount I paid for it!"

- Phoebe Anthone (New York, NY)

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