We all have heard about destinations in the world that have a strong 'energy field' like Machu Picchu or the Easter Islands (popular spiritual destinations).

Without any apparent explanation, some places make us feel better, at peace, more connected to ourselves and to something bigger than ourselves. We might don't understand why, but the feelings are very real.

Of course, the opposite is also true. You might have arrived somewhere for the first time and had a weird feeling about it. Despite other people explained you wonders about that destination, you didn't like that place at all.

The reality is that we all have a unique relationship to place. As individuals, we can't perceive space in an objective manner because we always experience places from the lenses of who we are. 

That's what astro-cartography helps you with. It shows your own personal 'places of energy' around the world, so you can choose the destinations in which you are going to be more conscious, more tuned into, based on your goals and the process of life that you are going through. 


Astro-cartography (also known as astro-geography, or astro-mapping) is a locational astrology method that can help you choosing the best destination based on your travel goals by looking at the planetary locations at the exact time and place you were born (aka your birth chart).

Without going into too much technical detail, astro-cartography is your birth chart in 3D. It basically shows you the lines in the world where the planets are close to an angle (because the closer a planet is to the angle, the more pronounced that planet is for you). 

Although you will carry the angular planets of your birth chart wherever you go, when you move geographically, there are other angles that become more visible and relevant for you. And this is what astro-cartography focuses on.

Astro-cartography shows you what will emerge for you in a certain region of the world, so you can become more conscious, prepared, and aware of what will come in terms of meaning and experience.


You are not born as a blank canvas, you have a potentiality that is already within you since the moment you were born.

This potentiality will be manifested one way or another as you move through time, as well as through space, based on your life choices. Because your growth, your awareness and your consciousness are not only triggered by time, but also by space

So, either you are going on a vacation or you are looking for a place to live, or a place to start your business, it's important to remember that your potentiality will manifest differently depending on the area of the world where you are

And this is what astro-cartography can help you with.


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