Success Stories

Meet Silvia- a professional pilot who is used to travelling and moving easily between countries, but this time it was different.

For the first time, she was choosing to live somewhere so she could call that place 'home' - not because of her job. She was moving to find peace and calm, both within and without.

Alongside this change, Silvia was going through another big transition in her life; from busy professional to full-time mum.

Watch this video to see how "Journeys of Self-discovery" enabled Silvia to embrace the potential of these emotional and physical transitions.

"After 20 years working in aviation I stopped flying because I got sick due to stress. When I met Sonia I was not so confident in being the position I was, being a stay-at-home mother and just static in one country where to raise my children. I had always people telling me what to do and, when and all this stopped, I felt lost. 

With Sonia I learnt to stop, slow down, see what's most important and don't do things because I have to, but because I want to. I've learnt than business is one thing, and life is another. I realised what I am capable of doing, not only as a professional but also as a woman. I feel better, I look better and others around me are also better. Every time I see a smile on the face of others, I always say: "Thanks to Sonia"

- Silvia Pusceddu (Denmark)

“I've achieved more life goals in the last 18 months, since working with Sonia, than at any other time in my life. In that time, I've done three trips that I would previously have considered a "trip of a life-time". I never thought I could afford anything like that, and yet I did them one after the other.

But the trips were just the beginning. I became a different person, more calm, more conscious of my strengths and weaknesses.  Travel has afforded me new learnings and tools to embrace the day-to-day challenges life can bring. And these experiences have not only changed me.  They have changed my family.  Now, when we travel we feel much more connected - with each other and with the world around us.”

- Helder V.B. (Portugal)

“When I started on this journey, I was lost, but I had one thing clear: I wanted to invest in myself. From the first moment I felt a strong connection and empathy, which made it easy for me little by little and along the way to start discovering the tip of the iceberg that governed my life.

I have improved at a personal level by leaps and bounds. In these three months I have embraced the power to feel and share my vulnerability, locate my demons, keep my insecurities at bay, improve my health and open myself to love. I only have words of thanks for you, Sonia. I have taken that leap of faith that I was craving for so long, and the miracle has worked"

- Paola Moreno (Spain)

"I used to be a closed-minded person, I thought everything turned around me, the kind of personality that people usually avoid. Last year I made 9 trips (something I had never done in my life) and was able to take my son to Disneyland (an experience neither of us will ever forget). On my travels I connected with people from all over the world, and my communication skills improved tremendously. I learned to talk to other people and understand them better. Now I know how to negotiate better deals at my job and be a better father to my son "

- Aleks Sarci (Serbia)

"I totally upgraded the quality of my travel. In 3 years and a half, I have travelled 68 times! But the best thing for me is all the lovely people I met here including my love. Now we travel the world together"

- Aisling Burnett (Ireland)

"I travelled to places I've never imagined before. I take the same number of trips per year, but it's the quality that has really improved. Staying at the finest hotels and resorts have made it feel more of a true vacation. Have met friends from all over the world at each trip and the best thing is that I stay in contact with those friends still "

- Byran Castillo (USA)

I used to dream about travelling and being able to experience in person what I knew only by books. Imagining myself helping people, being an inspiration, making a difference while becoming my best version. Now I make it happen".

- Thays Querencia (Spain)

"I always thought travel was expensive, until I realized that we really can afford to travel 5 stars, have great experiences, and great work-life balance. Now our trips are like honeymoons -only that we take several per year. The number of trips multiplied from 1-2 a year to 6-8 a year. We always have a great time. And they are stress-free holidays, knowing that we have the best value for money".

- Claudia Irimescu (Romania)

"It used to be I couldn't meet people, I didn't know how to initiate conversations. Now I travel and meeting people easily everywhere I go!

- Benedict Csaba (Hungary)

"Four years ago, I was hardly traveling but dreaming of many beautiful places around the world. Now I am ticking them all off! Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt... And one of the biggest blessings was to meet the love of my life on my trip to Berlin (Germany). Since then, we have already been in 20 holidays together! "

- Noemie Nsanga (France)

"I am very happy to have found a way to travel the world! Before I had to choose, among my 20 days off a year, where to go (depending on my budget and the time I had). Now, I am able to take twice as many trips per year on the same travel budget, while making friends all over the world. "

- Sofia El-Hatri (UK)